Annual Conferences

Share the Future IV
Four engineering education coalitions—Foundation, Gateway, Greenfield, and SUCCEED—offered Share the Future IV, a conference that featured 28 interactive, two-hour workshops. The conference was held on 16–18 March 2003 in Tempe, AZ.

Share the Future III
Four engineering education coalitionsFoundation, Gateway, Greenfield, and SUCCEEDoffered Share the Future III, a conference in which attendees participated in a series of interactive workshops organized around four themes. The conference was held on 35 March 2002 in Gainesville FL.

Share the Future II
Held in Clemson SC, the Share the Future II conference was held 1820 March 2001 and was sponsored jointly by the SUCCEED, Gateway, and Foundation Coalitions.

Share the Future I
This first cross-coalition conference was held 2729 March 2000 in Greensboro NC and was hosted by the Gateway and SUCCEED coalitions.


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