Course Objectives and Classroom Assessment Workshop


Participants will gain experience in
  • Writing learning objectives for a single class or topic
  • Developing assessment tools for a single class or topic
Participant background requirement
  • Experience in teaching an engineering course
  • Learning objectives
  • Classroom assessment tools
  • Discussion of writing learning objectives
  • Team exercise: develop a set of guidelines for learning objectives
  • Individual exercise: write objectives for a class or learning module
  • Team exercise: review individual objectives
  • Discussion of classroom assessment
  • Team exercise: develop a set of guidelines for assessment tools
  • Individual exercise: writing assessment tools for activity, class, or group of classes
  • Team exercise: review assessment tools

Workshop leader

Dr. Russ Pimmel is a professor of electrical and computer engineering. He teaches digital systems and computer hardware courses and the senior capstone design course. In recent years he has pursued a long-term interest in teaching methodologies. He has worked with his faculty colleagues to explore teaching improvements through a program that includes a weekly colloquium, periodic faculty workshops, and an outside-speaker program. Apart from work, he enjoys reading detective novels and cooking experimental dishes.

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