Workshop for Developing Measurable Objectives and Outcomes for Programs and Courses
  • Schedule
    8:30 a.m.12:00 noon
  • Facilitators
     , Texas A&M University
     , Texas A&M University
  • Description
    In this hands-on interactive workshop, participants will learn how to develop objectives and outcomes for both courses and programs. Then participants will learn how to tie outcomes to assessment methods and how to make appropriate assessment choices.

The workshop has seven objectives:

  1. Help participants distinguish between Criterion 2 program objectives and Criterion 3 program outcomes. For example, give them sample definitions and see if participants think these are reasonable.
  2. Help participants understand what student outcome are, and how to develop them, and relate them to the EC2000 Criterion 3 outcomes.
  3. Help participants develop several measurable performance criteria for each outcome.
  4. Help participants map outcomes and topics across courses.
  5. Examine existing classroom assessment methods and tools, in order to prepare a preliminary assessment plan program.
  6. Help participants look at the various assessment methods that are available and select appropriate method(s) for each outcome.
  7. Help participants think about how to put selected assessment methods into practice.

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