Inclusive Learning Communities Workshop: Lessons from Foundation Coalition Experiences
  • Schedule
    1:30 a.m.4:00 noon
  • Facilitator
     , Texas A&M University
  • Description
    Inclusive learning communities are intended to provide increased social support within an academic context for students as they confront challenging engineering curricula. Students, faculty and industry work together to build the framework for supporting diverse student communities. The workshop is intended to explore the various approaches that have been attempted across the Foundation Coalition and the results that the institutions are seeing. An interactive-intensive format for the workshop allows for extensive participation by attendees. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

    (1) define inclusive learning communities and list their objectives,
    (2) describe strategies that have been used to initiate and sustain inclusive learning communities,
    (3) examine quantitative and qualitative data that has been assembled for inclusive learning communities at the Foundation Coalition partner institutions,
    (4) explore additional strategies that may be used to initiate and sustain inclusive learning communities, and
    (5) develop preliminary plans for initiating inclusive learning communities on their campuses.

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