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Web-based Student Survey System at UMD

The Foundation Coalition (FC) Assessment Team at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has developed prototype surveys to assess student outcomes mandated by EC 2000 and other FC goals. The Web-based surveys focus on the EC 2000 ak criteria that are not routinely assessed by standardized tests or class exams. Specifically, the survey assesses teaming, communication, lifelong learning, and technology use. These surveys, originally developed to be given to all engineering students in a college of engineering, have been analyzed and divided into scales that could be given to students in specific courses, departments, or programs. The surveys feature multiple questions for each subject area. Such multi-item scales are more reliable, stable, and valid than single items.

For measuring teaming, communication, and computer use, the survey system has three types of scales: student attitudes, student self-assessment of improvement, and student reports on the frequency of classroom experiences. For measuring lifelong learning, three different approaches are included in the survey system: use of metacognitive processes that tap students' ability to acquire new skills on their own, student sense of self-efficacy in learning, and a behavioral checklist measuring students' participation in engineering related activities indicative of independent learning.

Contact Emily Fowler, Assessment Specialist, College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
; 508.999.8841


Dr. Judith Sims-Knight, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
; 508.999.8382



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