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Assessment and Evaluation
Assessing Teaming Skills at UMD

The assessment team at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth developed two instruments that can be administered on paper or on-line. The tools are the UMD Team Process Check (TPC) and the Team Knowledge Test (TKT).

Team Process Check
The TPC is intended to serve as a self-report assessment of a team's functioning to be administered periodically during the life of a team. The measure attempts to assess several areas of functioning such as communication, task management, and decision making. A number of revisions of the instrument have been made, and reliability and validity data have been collected in introductory engineering classes. The bulk of the data have been analyzed and reported together in an ASEE paper. Additional analyses will be done and additional data collected in future semesters.

Team Knowledge Test
The TKT is the first draft of a measure intended to assess individual team members' general knowledge of team issues and concepts. The TKT has been used as a pre/post measure of team knowledge over a semester's team experience and before and after the use of team training material that the developer posted on a Web site and asked faculty to assign as part of engineering courses.

The developer's intention is that these tools, if validated, can be incorporated into a continuous improvement process of assessment and team training.

Contact Dr. Ted Powers, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
; 508.999.6906.



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