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Integrated Exam Questions

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

From 1990-91 until 2000-01, Rose-Hulman offered an Integrated, First-Year Curriculum in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (IFYCSEM). As a part of IFYCSEM, students took a three-hour examination every two weeks that drew upon all the disciplines that were integrated within IFYCSEM: physics, chemisty, calculus, engineering design, computer science, and engineering graphics. The collection of integrated examples is available at the Rose-Hulman Foundation Coalition web site.

Texas A&M University

From 1994-95 until 1997-98, Texas A&M University University offered a pilot of an integrated, first-year curriculum that linked calculus, chemistry, physics, engineering, and composition. As a part of the pilot curricula, faculty members offered examinations that drew upon the different disciplines. Samples of the integrated examinations can be found below.

  • Exams from Fall 1995 [PDF]
  • Exams from Spring 1996 [PDF]
  • Final Exam, Spring 1996 [PDF]

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