Example No. 2 (Time required: 30 minutes)

If you are teaching teaming skills and have a half a class or so for team communication, here is what you could do:

Learning Objective Students should be able to identify their beliefs and assumptions that impact the team.

Classroom Activity Discuss "Ladder of Inquiry" and "How might I improve my ability to listen?" sections of this document and have students tell their teammates what assumptions they make based upon people’s behaviors (e.g., if you do not talk, I think you do not care about the assignment, when really you might be a quiet person, and you are waiting patiently to be asked to speak).

Students should review the "Effective Listening" techniques and tell team members what techniques they are going to use more to help in the reduction of making assumptions (e.g., I am going to summarize what I have understood you to have said in order to reduce my making assumptions). Teammates might put in writing what effective listening techniques they are going to practice with their team and revisit the issue four weeks after this assignment (will take ~10 minutes of additional class time).


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