Example No. 3 (Time required: 1 hour)

If you are teaching teaming communication skills and you have an entire class for team communication, here is what you could do:

Learning Objective Students should be able to identify and communicate their team communication strengths and deficits to team members.

Classroom Activity Discuss "Effective Interpersonal/Intrateam Communication." Acquire and ask students to take the DISC Behavior Profile Assessment and review their reports (see TTI DISC Behavior Profile information in the reference section of the above link).

Students will share the following sections of their reports with teammates: effective communication with me, perceptions, and natural and adapted behavior styles. Students will write down the ideal environment for communicating with each of their teammates and identify where barriers for conflict may be. Furthermore, have students identify how they believe they have had to adapt their behavior (DISC Behavior Profile, Success Insight Wheel) to be successful in their coursework and to be successful with their current team. Team members may report their findings in a brief paper to their professor.


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