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Women and Minorities in Engineering

Why Should This Data Alarm Us?


Because Insufficient Diversity Means Lower Quality Engineering!

  • The range of design options considered in a team lacking diversity will be smaller.
  • Design constraints will not be properly interpreted.
  • The product that serves a broader international customer base, or a segment of this nation's melting pot, or our handicapped, may not be found.
  • It is that the most elegant solution may never be pursued.
William Wulf, President, National Academy of Engineering

Because We Need Every Human Resource
[Although the demand for engineering graduates has increased, the] number of engineering graduates has not increased, overall, for more than ten years despite major efforts by many to improve interest in the field. It is a major problem. We need women and minorities to enter engineering fields.

Bill Crumlett, Director, Human Resources Department, Southwest Research Institute

Because Diversity Makes the Educational Experience Richer and More Valuable for All Students
Experience in a diverse student community makes available to students a wider variety of experiences as they interact with students whose gender and culture differ from their own. Seeing different ways to identify, define, assess, and solve problems provides a useful learning environment for students as they progress through the engineering curriculum. Successfully addressing team maintenance and process problems in groups with diverse members helps students gain useful abilities on conflict resolution, abilities increasingly sought by industry.

FC Resources
Whether you're just getting started or looking for some additional ideas, the Foundation Coalition would like to help you increase the diversity of your engineering student body - through workshops, web sites, lesson plans, and reading materials. FC partner institutions have produced both written and electronic materials that address the issue of women and minorities in engineering education. Visit our web site at for online access to contact information and materials, or contact: or 979-845-7574.

Other organizations that can provide assistance include:
American Indian Science & Engineering Society
National Society of Black Engineers
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Women in Engineering Program Advocates Network



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