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Alternate Solutions

Alternate Solutions

  • Introduction
    This module reviews feasibility studies and successive estimation.
  • Instructional Objectives
    • Students should be able to develop a "back of the envelope" feasibility study for a selected, simple project to include: Gross Work Breakdown Structure, Order of Magnitude, Quantity Estimates and Order of Magnitude Cost Estimates
    • Be able to develop sq-ft estimates on their own initiative.
    • Be able to break complex projects into systems and sub-systems for estimating purposes.
    • Be able to develop cost and schedule estimates to data from the R. S. Means Manual.
  • Student Materials
    Feasibility Study: PPT
  • / PDF
    Successive Estimation: PPT/ PDF
    Means Quick Start: PDF
    Means Site Construction: PDF
    Means SQ-Ft Cost Data: PDF
    Pro Forma: XLS
  • Instructor guide
  • Reading Assessment
  • Assignment
  • Case Study


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