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Cashflow, Depr & Taxes

Cashflow, Depr & Taxes

  • Introduction
    This module introduces students to the concept of working capital and the affect of retainage on cashflow and working capital requirements. It also gives an introduction to the concept of tax deferral resulting from the legal use of depreciation tax shelters, and the basics of the IRS asset tax rules.
  • Instructional Objectives
    • Students should be able to compute a simple cashflow table and determine working capital requirements and interest costs thereof.
    • Students should be able to compute MACRS and ST-Line BTCF and ATCF tables for simple investment cases.
    • Students should be able to compute capital gains taxes for simple equipment transactions.
  • Student Materials
    Project Cashflow: PPT
  • / PDF
    Depreciation and Tax no Capital Assets: PPT/ PDF
  • Instructor guide
  • Reading Assessment
  • Assignment
  • Case Study
    Depreciation Example: PPT
  • / PDF
    Project Cashflow Example: XLS


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