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Project Controls

Project Controls

  • Introduction
    This module illustrate how to develop a set of As-Planned S-Curves from scheduling information and estimates developed sometime before actual construction operations begin. It also reviews the conceptual design estimating process to the extent necessary to set the context. It also describes how to use the combined sets of S-Curves to: Control Cost (Budget) versus Schedule, control Progress (Quantity and Quality of Work) versus Schedule, and use the combined curves to control Cost versus Work versus Schedule. It also describes possible counter-measures for the four possible general situations.
  • Instructional Objectives
    • Be able to construct an as-planned schedule of work and cost versus elapsed time from a typical (but simplified) construction project Gantt Chart.
    • Be able to plot and identify the as Planned S-Curves best representing these schedules.
    • Given a set of S-Curves be able to determine: Cost Variance - over or under cost based solely upon Schedule, Schedule Variance - behind or ahead of schedule based upon planned and actual work, Budget Variance - over or under budget based upon Schedule Variance.
    • Given a set of As-Planned and As-Built (to date) construction project control data points, be able to determine: current Schedule and Budget Variances for a simple work package, probable Schedule and Budget variances at the completion of the work package, and determine adjustments in work and expenditure rates to complete the work as planned.
    • Assuming that the "non-flat part" of the S-Curves can be ignored.
  • Student Materials
    As-Planned S-Curves: PPT
  • / PDF
    As-Built S-Curves: PPT/ PDF
    Control of Cost and Schedule: PPT/ PDF
    Linear Model: PPT/ PDF
  • Instructor guide
    Project Control for Construction (PDF)
  • Reading Assessment
  • Assignment
  • Case Study


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