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Labor, Materials, Equipment

Labor, Materials, Equipment

  • Introduction
    This module exposes students to some facts about the relationships between labor and management and how it will impact them. It also provides a basis for understanding how labor costs are determined and charged against projects.
  • Instructional Objectives
    • Students must be able to outline the overall history and impact of Labor Unions in general and upon construction in particular.
    • Students should be able to compute labor rates and costs from given data and circumstances.
    • Students should be able to list the steps and activities with in the overall materials procurement and management process.
    • Students should be able to sketch the overall logic diagram.
    • Students should be able to describe the importance of process.
  • Student Materials
    Construction Labor: PPT
  • / PDF
    Consultant Cost Profile: PDF
    Procurement and MM: PPT/ PDF
    Equipment Costs: PPT/ PDF
  • Instructor guide
  • Reading Assessment
  • Assignment
  • Case Study


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