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Basic Skills and Foundations

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Basic Skills and Foundations

All Basic Skills of advanced math and science form a Foundation for a successful engineering curriculum. Through the introduction and development of the basic skills in the first and second-year core curriculum engineering courses, the students will improve their problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. These courses include ENGR111/112, Calculus, Physics, Statistics and Chemistry and explore foundational topics such as

  • Units
  • Significant Figures and Error
  • Statistics
  • Estimation
  • Data and Graphical Analysis

They are applicable to all engineering disciplines and create a strong basis for analytical and problem solving skills.

To explore more about these important basic skills, click the Units, Significant Figures/Error, Statistics, Estimation, and Data/Graphical Analysis boxes above.



Figure 1
The foundation for successful engineering practice is a strong basis in Math and Science. Everything else builds upon this foundation.



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