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Class Numbering System


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Class Numbering System


The Texas A&M freshman engineering courses, ENGR111 and ENGR112, are two hour credit courses that meet twice a week for an 1 hr and 50 minutes. The class numbering system uses the first number of the class number to represent the week and the second number to represent the class period in the week. The number system begins with ENGR111 and continues into ENGR112. For example:

Class 1.2 is the 2nd class meeting of the 2th week in the ENGE111 course.

Class 16.1 is the 1st class meeting of the 16th week. (This actually the first day of classes for ENGR112)

Course Titles


Class 1.1: Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving
Class 1.2: Introduction to Teaming
Class 2.1: Sketching and Lettering and AutoCAD Basics
Class 2.2: Orthographic Drawings
Class 3.1: Problem Solving Methods and Algorithms
Class 3.2: Pictorials*
Class 4.1: Introduction to Excel
Class 4.2: Tables, Graphs, and Excel
Class 5.1: Sectional View*
Class 5.2: Analysis of Motion/Newton's Laws
Class 6.1: Significant Figures/Estimation/Scaling
Class 6.2: Units and Dimensions
Class 7.1: Projectile Motion and Linear Regression
Class 7.2: Graphical Analysis and Excel
Class 8.1: Case Study
Class 8.2: Multi-View Drawing*
Class 9.1: Standard Features*
Class 9.2: Units/ Dimensions
Class 10.1: Engineering Ethics
Class 10.2: Basic Dimensioning*
Class 11.1: Feature Dimensioning/Tolerances*
Class 11.2: Introduction to Thermodynamics
Class 12.1: First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
Class 12.2: Working Design Drawings*
Class 13.1: Project Demonstration
Class 13.2: Rate Processes-Part 1
Class 14.1: Rate Processes-Part 2
Class 14.2: AutoCAD Basics*


Week 1 Class 16.1: Professionalism/Ethics/Teaming
Class 16.2: Orthographics in AutoCAD
Week 2 Class 17.1: Pictorials in AutoCAD
Class 17.2: DISC Profile
Week 3 Class 18.1: Statistics
Class 18.2: Dimensioning and Tolerancing in AutoCAD
Week 4 Class 19.1: Data Analysis in Excel
Class 19.2: Breakeven Analysis
Week 5 Class 20.1: Regions and Boolean Operations
Class 20.2: Accounting Concepts
Week 6 Class 21.1: Objects in Space and Rapid Prototyping
Class 21.2: 3D Solid Modeling - Physical Properties
Week 7 Class 22.1: Accounting for Mass
Class 22.2: Solid Modeling - Coordinate Systems
Week 8 Class 23.1: Case Study
Class 23.2: Accounting for Mass and Energy
Week 9 Class 24.1: Design Drawings in AutoCAD and Project 4
Class 24.2: Accounting for Energy
Week 10 Class 25.1: Project Proposal Presentations
Class 25.2: Project Proposal Presentations
Week 11 Class 26.1: Editing Solids and Solid Modeling
Class 26.2: Team Development (Mock Team Exam)
Week 12 Class 27.1: Accounting for Linear Momentum
Class 27.2: Integrated Exam
Week 13 Class 28.1: Accounting for Charge
Class 28.2: Other Accounting Principles
Week 14 Class 29.1: Project Demonstrations
Class 29.2: Class Summary and Review





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