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Computer Tools


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Computer Tools

ENGR111 and ENGR112 emphasize the important of computer tools to aid in the engineer's problem solving process. These introductory engineering courses use Microsoft Word and Excel extensively in class work and project reports. AutoCAD is used for the graphics portion of the course and is emphasized mainly in ENGR112.

All of the ENGR111/112 classrooms are equiped with personal computers. Students are assigned one computer for every two students.


Microsoft Word is used extensively in documentation, reports and other written assignments. Students should be able to work efficiently within the Word environment.

Word is also used to create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, and Web pages


Microsoft Excel is used to perform calculations, analyze information and manage lists in spreadsheets or Web pages. Engineers use Excel for data and graphical analysis in order to draw conclusions and understand the design system.


Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create and edit presentations for slide shows, meetings, and Web pages. Powerpoint in used in ENGR111 and ENGR112 for design project presentations.


AutoCAD is a computer aided drafting tool that allows for quick and easy manipulations of orthographic, pictorial, assembly and working design drawings. AutoCAD is also used to analyze mass properties and design strength of a design by providing a built-in analysis tool.





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