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Demonstration and Testing
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Demonstration and Testing

What is Demonstration and Testing?

Testing is conducted throughout the entire design process to validate and understand the design system.

Demonstration is utilized for the final project presentations in ENGR111 and ENGR112 when the design projects are required to perform. Part of the students grade is determined by how well the design is demonstrated to meet the design contraints and required performance level.


Some examples of previous design demonstrations include:

  • Measuring endurance and speed of an air-powered car
  • Measuring distance and accuracy of a ping-pong ball launcher
  • Measuring distance and accuracy of a rubber-band powered car


Why are Demonstration and Testing Important?

Demonstration and testing are important because they establish criteria for understanding and validating the design system. Demonstration is important for all engineering designs because it proves that the design is functional and meets the design contraints.




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