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Design Project

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Design Project

What is a Design Project?

First year engineering students are required to complete 2-one semester projects which are assigned by the ENGR111 and ENGR112 faculty to the students at the begining of each semester. The students are grouped into teams of four and are required to work together through the entire design process to complete the project.


Students in their first semester of engineering are only required to produce a preliminary and final report for their project. Toward the end of the semester the teams will demonstrate and test their project to the ENGR111 faculty and will recieve partial grades for performance and quality of design.


Students in their second semester of engineering are required to do extensive scientific and technical analysis, preliminary and final reports, oral and written proposals and must also demostrate and test their design. The final report must also include a working design drawing in AutoCAD, data analysis in Excel, and an oral presentation in Powerpoint.

Why are the Design Projects Important?

The design projects are used to introduce the engineering student to the design process, teaming, and computer applications to problem solving. It allows the student to participate in a hands-on learning environment and prepares them for future engineering classes, senior design projects, and employment in industry.

Many times engineers have certain design constraints on a project. Engineers are often confronted with developing a design given a specific set of unchangeable criteria. Some examples of constraints are limited budget, having to use special materials because of a hostile environment, geometry/shape and weight requirements.

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