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Engineering Science
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Engineering Science

What is Engineering Science?

Various topics such as Motion, Newton's Laws, Thermodynamics, Rate Processes, Accounting Basics and Breakeven Analysis are covered in the ENGR111-ENGR112 course sequence. These topics are used to futher the engineering students ablity to problem solve and are also introductions to the upper level engineering courses such as Statics & Dynamics, Electric Circuits, Thermodynamics, and many other classes specific to each engineering discipline.

Why is Engineering Science Important?

Engineering science is the foundation of problem solving and defines the individual disciplines of engineering.

Research into Motion, Newton's Laws, Thermodynamics, and Rate Processes has been conducted by Engineers for centuries. Many aspects of these topics have been understood and defined, however many aspects still remain a mystery. Engineers use their analytical and problem solving skills to further the research and these topics and develop revolutionary ideas for the future.


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