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Final Report
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Final Report

What is a Final Report?

The final report is a summary of the entire design process, demonstration and testing, scientific and technical analysis, team management, and other important technical infomation about the design project.

Final Report Content is as follows:


  • Well-organized into logical, separate report sections
  • Uses a clear system of highlighted headings to identify sections
  • Clear and concise
  • Includes a Table of Contents which reference the sections


  • Begins with a clear introductory section
  • Thoroughly reviews the methods by which the product was developed
  • Documents the results of the test trials
  • Discusses and analyzes the product's performance, indicating strengths and weaknesses and comparing expected results to actual results
  • Includes any conclusions or implications drawn from the work


  • 3-view construction sketches of your vehicle, as well as an isometric drawing
  • A scaled drawing which shows the layout of the foam core board components on the original rectangular sheet
  • Must be titled and labeled (e.g. Figure 1: Orthographic Views)
  • Must be referenced in the text and explained as needed

Why is the Final Report Important?

The Final Report is worth 40% of the project grade. It is important accurately document the entire design process as well as the analysis of the final project because it gives a clear understanding to the reader of the steps taken to reach a final product.



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