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Basic graphical skills are introduced in ENGR111 through hand sketching and an introduction to AutoCAD- a computer aided drafting tool. Students use pre-designated drawings templates and tool kits to complete the drawing assignments.

AutoCAD is used extensively in ENGR112 to develop intricate and detailed graphics from the basic skills learned in ENGR111.


Some important graphical topics covered in ENGR111 include:

  • Sketching and Lettering - Basic drawing skills
  • Orthographics or Multi-View Drawings - Learning how to operate in multiple 2D views
  • Pictorials - Learing how to operate in 3D views
  • Standard Features - Learning about threads, screws and other specific drawing details
  • Scaling/Dimensioning - Learning to establish scales and dimensions for orthographic and pictorial drawings
  • AutoCAD Basics - Exposure to basic function and commands within AutoCAD

Some important graphical topics covered in ENGR112 include:

  • Orthographics/ Pictorials - Review of 2D and 3D drawings from ENGR111
  • Regions, Boolean Operations, and Objects in Space - Learn how to manipulate 2D objects in AutoCAd and create 3D objects from 2D objects
  • Solid Modeling - Manipulating coordinate systems and views and adding important details to solid models in AutoCAD

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