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Oral and Written Proposal
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Oral and Written Proposal

What are the Oral and Written Proposals?

The oral and written proposals are required in ENGR112 project 4.

The Oral Proposal is a verbal explaination of the design description, technical analysis, budget, and timeline used to persuade the audience to support the design and implementation of a product. It is assumed that the students will use Powerpoint to give their oral proposal with additional visual aids if necessary.

At the time of the oral proposal, students will also submit a well-written, well-designed version of the same information, in memo format, addressed to the faculty team. This document is the Written Proposal and must be type written.

The proposal (both in oral and written versions) must include the following:

  • A developed design description (including well-integrated graphics: orthographic views of MAJOR components (small parts like connectors or parts that do not contribute to seeing the "big picture" can be omitted at this point); overall dimensions of each major part; selective isometric pictorials, or concept sketches);
  • A technical analysis, based on physical principles, of the functioning of your design (atmospheric drag may be approximated at this preliminary stage);
  • A team management plan with a task breakdown and (if necessary) a division of tasks;
  • A clear timeline, including all the steps necessary from the submission of the proposal through the submission of the final report;
  • An itemized and justified budget for the design and fabrication of materials.

Why are the Oral and Written Proposals Important?

The proposals are 40% of the project grade.

It is important that the oral and written proposals are well developed, clear and concise because the students ideas may be rejected if it is too vague and/or if the estimated project cost is inconsistent with the estimated project terms.





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