IE 450 - Manufacturing Systems Course

Welcome to the IE 450 Laboratory training modules website! This site is designed to give you practical information on various subject from robot programming to CNC machining. The tutorials are classified into three subject areas. Each subject area consists of one or more modules.

These modules have both practical and detailed theoretical information that you may find useful while you are preparing for the IE 450 laboratory sessions. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to operate a piece of equipment such as HAAS CNC machining centers in the FAME laboratory or how to use a piece of computer software such as MasterCam computer-aided manufacturing package. Quick References are made available in most of the modules, which provide rapid access to useful information such as shortcut keys and G code descriptions. Moreover, each module has an exercise in order to stimulate your learning process and to give you the opportunity of actual hands-on experience on how to use the equipment and software introduced in these modules.

You can navigate among the modules using the TOP and LEFT menus. The TOP menu displays two links: one for the home of the current subject area and the other for the IE 450 Laboratory Modules Home Page (this page). Whenever you want to see the overall module list you can use the "Lab Home" link at the TOP menu. LEFT menu displays a nested structure of the available items in a subject area. At the Lab Home, this menu displays the subject areas and the sitemap. This is a expandable/collapsible menu, such that whenever there is a box on the left of an item that means that item is expandable and includes sub items, just like the familiar tree structure of the MS Windows operating system. Some pages in these modules carry links which open a separate window to display a figure or a table. If you want to turn back to the module page just close the opened browser window or click on the tab of the browser window that has the module web page on the system tray at the bottom of your screen. This feature is provided in order to let you view these figures while you are going through the text.

We hope you will find this website useful and interesting.




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