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Technology-enabled Learning

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One-page Introduction


Today, problem solving using powerful tools permits approaches beyond those traditionally selected because they minimize computational effort. Computationally intensive approaches allow students to focus on fundamentals of the entire problem, e.g., writing an entire set of simultaneous equations, instead of using a special purpose technique to reduce the problem to a single equation in one unknown. In addition, technology can facilitate a faster and more complete analysis of design alternatives by providing ways to rapidly create models or prototypes of proposed designs and to then simulate them in realistic ways.
The Foundation Coalition emphasizes putting computer-related technologies in the hands of students on a routine basis to facilitate their learning, change their learning objectives, and reshape their learning processes.

The Foundation Coalition is creating resources that will assist faculty members at other institutions in using technology to improve student learning. These resources include

  • A one-page introduction that provides examples of the use of computer-related technologies in Foundation Coalition classrooms and beyond, and
  • Workshops that campuses can host. The length of each workshop varies between two hours and two days, depending on the material to be presented and the desired degree of interactivity.

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  • Engineering Media Laboratory The Engineering Media Laboratory at Oklahoma University demonstrates applications of multimedia in teaching engineering. For example, an entire statics course is available on-line.
  • Introduction to Excel The site contains three Excel workbooks that students can use to learn how to use graphs and formulas in Excel. Faculty can use the workbooks to introduce Excel in class and have students continue with the workbooks outside class.
  • A Bibliography of Research and Resources on Technology and Engaged Learning Annotated bibliography on the use of technology in education
  • Apple K-12 Effectiveness Reports Effectiveness Reports provide easy access to the most current research findings about the effectiveness of technology in education. Each summary consists of a description of the role that technology plays in addressing a particular grade level and subject area, a list of the major research findings, full citation for the findings, additional useful readings, and places for educators to call or visit.
  • Learning Tools Developed by the Foundation Coalition Dr. Matthias Kawski, Arizona State University, has assembled a set of technology-enabled learning tools to support instruction in mathematics

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