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SUCCEED Coalition workshops


  • Principles for Classroom and Curricular Innovation
Active/Cooperative Learning Student Teams Assessment and Evaluation
Technology-enabled Learning
Curriculum Integration


Curricular Change


Learning Communities

  • Inclusive Learning Communities:  Lessons from Foundation Coalition Experiences
  • Faculty Learning Communities
  • Retention of Undergraduate Students in Engineering
First-year Engineering Curricula
  • First-year Engineering Curricula and Programs Across the Foundation Coalition

Sophomore Engineering Curricula

  • Conservation and Accounting Framework:  A Unified Approach to Engineering Science

Course Modules

Lengths of the workshops vary between two hours and two days, depending upon the desired degree of interactivity and participant interaction. Greater interactivity and participation require a longer workshop. Also, workshop sponsors can customize content, combining one or more of the above workshops and working with workshop facilitators to finalize the content.


For more information&
Whether you're just getting started or looking for some additional ideas, the Foundation Coalition would like to help you explore alternative approaches to learning and teaching through workshops, Web sites, lesson plans, and reading materials. For suggestions on where to start, see our Web site or contact or call 979.845.7574.



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