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Introduction to Conservation Principles and Applications in Continuum Mechanics


In this text the conservation principles for mass, momentum, and energy are developed from a common framework that applies for any problem; mass or momentum conservation, static or dynamic problems, etc. The traditional topics of statics and dynamics are cast in this common framework with applications to microscopic or continuum systems as well as traditional topics of heat transfer, strength of materials and simple mass flow problems. The underlying difference between this text and traditional texts is that the approach to problems here is through the common and unifying framework of conservation principles while traditional texts tend to separate topics such as statics, dynamics, heat transfer and strength of materials. This text is intended to provide the core coverage in topics that involve continuous media at a level deemed necessary to all engineering majors. As such, it is with full intent that students in some majors (for example, aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering) take a second course in their major which strengthens their understanding of continuum systems and continuum mechanics in their particular discipline.







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