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Accounting Basics
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Accounting Basics

When are Accounting Basics Covered?

Accounting Basics are introduced in ENGR112 during Class 20.2*

Accounting for linear momentum, angular momentum, mass, energy and charge are explained further in ENGR112 in Classes 22.1, 23.2, 24.2, 27.1, 28.1, and 28.2*.

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 20.2: Accounting Concepts
Define system, intensive/extensive quantity, state/path quantities
Know system types
Learn and apply the Universal Accounting Equation (UAE)
Uniderstand the meaning of "conserved quantities"
Know how to apply the Fundamental Principles and Canons to ethical dilemmas
Know what is ABET and why it is important to the professional engineer
know the steps required to become a professional engineer
Class 22.1: Accounting for Mass
Class 23.2: Accounting for Energy
Class 24.2: Accounting for Energy - Part 2
Class 27.1: Accounting for Linear Momentum
Class 28.1: Accounting for Charge
Class 28.2: Accounting for Angular Momentum

Class Agenda

Class 20.2: Accounting Concepts
Lecture material on definitions for accounting, quantities, and systems
Lecture material on rules of systems
Examples of various types of systems
Lecture material on Universal Accounting Equation (UAE) and definitions
5 min exercise
Lecture material on special systems
Examples of special systems
PAT - individual assessment
Lecture material on UAE
HW assignment

Why are Accounting Basics Important?

Almost every engineering problem requires a systematic tabulation of materials, time, money, or other identifiable quantities.

Engineers use many accounting techniques in their solutions

Keeping track of various engineering quantities leads to a better understanding of an engineering process and more accurate results.

  • Class 20.2 Powerpoint

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