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AutoCAD Basics
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AutoCAD Basics

When are AutoCAD Basics Covered?

The basic AutoCAD commands are introduced in ENGR111 during Class 2.1*

AutoCAD basics are learned through application of orthographic and pictorial drawings. AutoCAD commands to construct these drawings are introduced in Classes 3.2 and 8.2*.

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 2.1: AutoCAD Basics
Understand why engineers use computer aided drafting
Learn basic AutoCAD commands for drawing, editing and general concepts
Class 3.2: Orthographics in AutoCAD
Name to three principle projection planes and the dimensions that each one shows
Use AutoCAD to create orthographic views of objects
Know the correct line weights for printing drawings from AutoCAD
Class 8.2: Pictorials in AutoCAD
Use AutoCAD to draw an oblique of an object given orthographic views of the object
Select the best orientation of an object in pictorial
Define what makes a drawing a: cavalier, oblique, cabinet oblique, general oblique, isometric, axonometric, perspective, or orthographic views
Use AutoCAD to generate Isometric Drawings of objects given the orthographic views

Class Agenda

Class 2.1: AutoCAD Basics
Explaination for using AutoCAD
Lecture material on basic AutoCAD commands for drawing objects, text and layers
Pair exercise - 15 min
  Lecture material on printing in AutoCAD
  HW assignment
Class 3.2: Orthographics in AutoCAD
  RAT - quiz
Review of orthographic drawings
RAT - quiz
Team and Pair exercises
  Lecture material on drawing orthographics
  Paired exercise - 15 min
  HW assignment
Class 8.2: Pictorials in AutoCAD
  Lecture material on types of pictorials: obliques and isometric
  Lecture material on new AutoCAD commands
  Example of oblique pictorial
  Lecture material on drawing obliques in AutoCAD
  Exercise for drawing an oblique from orthographic projections
  Lecture material on drawing isometrics in AutoCAD
  Pair exercise
  HW assignment

Why are AutoCAD Basics Important?

Engineers use AutoCAD and many other computer aided drafting tools to produce more accurate and efficient descriptions of working design drawings.

AutoCAD basics are important because they lay the foundation for future use of AutoCAD in upper-level engineering courses. These basics also familarize the user with computer aided dra

  • Class 2.1 Powerpoint
  • Class 3.2 Powerpoint
  • Class 8.2 Powerpoint

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