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Breakeven Analysis
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Breakeven Analysis

When is Breakeven Analysis Covered?

Breakeven Analysis is introduced in ENGR112 during Class 19.2*

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 19.2: Breakeven Analysis
Be able to draw a breakeven graph, ignoring the time value of money
Calculate the effective cost of manufacturing a part

Class Agenda

Class 19.2: Breakeven Analysis
RAT - quiz
Lecture material on generating breakeven graphs
5 min team exercise
  Lecture material on accounting for other factors
RAT - quiz
  Team exercise and examples
Team In-Class Assignment
  HW assignment

Why is Breakeven Analysis Important?

Breakeven analysis is a statistical method of understanding the expenditures and income balances that are useful in running an industry or business. It is important to develop a graph to represent profit vs. loss and show the number of units which must be sold to recover the initial investment in a business.

  • Class 19.2 Powerpoint

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