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Working Design Drawings
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Design Drawings

When are Design Drawings Covered?

Design Drawings are introduced in ENGR112 during Class 24.1*

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 24.1: Design Drawings in AutoCAD
Use AutoCAD to generate a Working Drawing of an object
List the parts of a Standard Working Drawing
  Be able to write notes for standard parts on a working drawings

Class Agenda

Class 24.1: Design Drawings in AutoCAD
RAT - quiz
Lecture material on working design drawings
Examples of detailed drawings
  Lecture material on detail drawing notes
HW Assignment to complete a design sketch of a Swivel Base object

Why are Design Drawings Important?

Working Design Drawings provide the visual base from which a design is implemented. All principles of orthographic projection and techniques of graphics can be used to communicate the details of a project in working drawings. A detail drawing is a working design drawing of a single part within the set of working design drawings.

  • Class 24.1 Powerpoint

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