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Accounting for Energy
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Accounting for Energy

When is Accounting for Energy Covered?

Accounting for Energy is introduced in ENGR112 during Class 23.2*

Accounting for Energy is revisited in ENGR112 during Class 24.2*.

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 23.2: Accounting for Energy
Know that energy is conserved
Understand path energies for work and heat
Class 24.2: Accounting for Energy - Part 2
  Know that energy is conserved
  Understand state energies - Kinetic, Potential, and Internal
Understand flow work
  Understand sequential energy conversion
  Be able to do calculations involving accounting for energy

Class Agenda

Class 23.2: Accounting for Energy
Lecture material on energy, work and heat
Examples of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical work
  Exercise on heat and conduction
HW assignment
Class 24.2: Accounting for Energy - Part 2
  Lecture material on state energies - kinetic, potential and internal
  Example of energy
  Lecture material on flow energy
  HW assignment

Why is Accounting for Energy Important?

Many engineers work with processes or systems where materials are mixed, seperated or distributed, and must be accounted for. Using accounting for energy concepts and the Universal Accounting Equation can aid in understanding and describing these complex processes and situations.

  • Class 23.2 Powerpoint
  • Class 24.2 Powerpoint

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