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Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

When is Problem Solving Covered?

Spend Class 1.1 and Class 3.1 discussing the aspects of problem solving.

*Explanation of Class Numbering System


Class 1.1: Define: Problem and its many types
Define: Problem Solving
Understand the difficulties of solving problems and how to overcome them
Class 3.1: Learn problem solving methods and techniques used to solve problems
Learn what skills are used in problem solving methods

Class Agenda

Class 1.1: Lecture Material on problem solving methods
5 min individual exercise
5 min pair exercise
3 min team exercise
HW assignment
Additional PP slides used to define problems and problem solving
Class 3.1: RAT
Lecture Material
5 min individual exercise
15 min team exercise
2 HW assignments

Why is Problem Solving Important?

Problem Solving is one of the most important basic skills of engineering. From the success of a company/design project to communication among co-workers and peers, everything revolves around an engineer's ability to solve a variety of problems specific to their discipline and also their daily life.

The following Problem Solving Method is important to remember and implement:

1) Identify and define the problem
2) Assemble a design team
3) Identify constraints and criteria for success
4) Search for solutions
5) Analyze each potential solution
6) Choose the "best" solution
7) Document the solution
8) Communicate the solution to management
9) Construct the solution
10) Verify and evaluate the performance of the

Links to Class Materials

  • Class 1.1 Powerpoint
    • Problem Solving 1
    • Problem Solving 2
  • Class 3.1 Powerpoint





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