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Regions and Boolean Operations
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Regions and Boolean Operations

When are Regions and Boolean Operations Covered?

Regions and Boolean Operations in AutoCAD are introduced in ENGR112 during Class 20.1*

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 20.1: Regions and Boolean Operations
Construct regions in AutoCAD using various types of boundaries
List and explain the three Boolean operations
  Construct composite regions using the Boolean operations
Extract the physical properties of a region and annotate a drawing with the information

Class Agenda

Class 20.1: Regions and Boolean Operations
RAT - quiz
Lecture material on types of regions and REGION command
Lecture material on region properties and MASSPROP command
  Team exercise
Lecture material on coordinate systems and boolean operations
Pair exercise
  HW assignment

Why are Regions and Boolean Operations Important?

Regions are important within AutoCAD because they can be used to find out mass properties of the regions such as the controid and moment of inertia relative to the origin.

Regions can also be manipulated by using Boolean Operations in AutoCAD such as Union, Subtract, and Intersect.

Both of these AutoCAD commands make the design of objects more accurate and efficient.

  • Class 20.1 Powerpoint

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