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Significant Figures and Error

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Significant Figures and Error

When are Significant Figures and Error Covered?

Significant Figures and Error are introduced in ENGR111 during Class 6.1.

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 6.1: Signifant Figures/Error
Learn the differences in: accuracy/percision, random/systematic error, uncertainty/error
Compute true, fractional and percent error
  Use proper number of significant figures to report work

Class Agenda

Class 6.1: Signifant Figures/Error
Lecture Material on error and rules for significant figures
A RAT is given early in the class session
  A paired jigsaw or group activity to summarize Sig Fig and Error handouts
Team exercise to determine various types of error
Team exercise to determine significant figures for algebraic problems

Why are Significant Figures and Error Important?

Significant Figures determine how accurate at number is according to the experiment; given data and results. Sig figs are important because they help to determine the validity of a number.

Error is the difference between the reported and actual value and results from a lack of accuracy in significant figures. Can also be defined as the last digit of a number. Error is important because it quantifies the inaccuracy and precision of a certain system.

Links to Class Materials

  • Class 6.1 Powerpoint
  • Significant Digits
  • Error





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