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Sketching and Lettering
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Sketching and Lettering

When is Sketching and Lettering Covered?

Sketching and Lettering is introduced in ENGR111 during Class 2.1*

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 2.1: Sketching/Lettering
Know what is meant by single stroke, Gothic lettering
Letter in a neat and clear manner using engineering lettering style
  Sketch lines and curves in support of design representation

Class Agenda

Class 2.1: Sketching/Lettering
RAT - quiz
Lecture material on gothic lettering
Team exercise - 2 min
RAT - quiz
Lecture material on sketching and alphabet of lines

Why are Sketching and Lettering Important?

Sketching is an important aspect of the development and communication of a design. There are many instances where explaination or modification of a design is almost impossible without the ability to make simple and rapid freehand sketches.

Lettering is an important skill to develop because it affects the use and interpretation of notes. dimensions, and specifications that supplement all drawings.

  • Class 2.1 Powerpoint

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