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Solid Modeling
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Solid Modeling

When is Solid Modeling Covered?

Solid Modeling in AutoCAD is introduced in ENGR112 during Classes 21.2, 22.2, and 26.1*

*Explaination of Class numbering System


Class 21.1: 3D Solid Modeling
List the six basic solid primitives
Combine solids using Boolean operations
Extract the physical properties of a solid and annotate the drawing with that information
List what physical properties can be extracted from a solid model
Use HIDE and SHADE to help in visualizing a solid model
Plot hidden views of solid models
Enter 3D coordinates via the keyboard
Class 21.2: 3D Solid Modeling - Coordinate Systems
Explain the difference in coordinate systems and viewpoints
Given a set of XYZ axes, determine if the system is right handed or left handed
Explain the meaning of the various configurations of the UCSICON
Create a user coordinate system using the following options of the UCS command: X, Y, Z, 3point, Origin, and World
Be able to select points on 3D drawings using the following OSNAP modes: Endpoint, Center, Midpoint, and Quadrant
Class 26.1: Editing Solids in AutoCAD
  Create planar secitons through solids
  Cut solid models open to allow interior viewing
Crosshatch interior surfaces of a solid either before of after it has been cut open
  Apply fillets and chamfers to solid objects
Create a solid model of an assembly drawing
Align objects in 3D

Class Agenda

Class 21.1: 3D Solid Modeling
Lecture material on keyboard coordinates, primitive shapes, and AutoCAD commands
Individual exercise
Team exercise
  Lecture material on mass properties
Pairs exercise
Lecture material on hidden files
  HW assignment
Class 21.2: 3D Solid Modeling - Coordinate Systems
Lecture Material on types of coordinate systems and AutoCAD commands
  Team and individual exercises
  Lecture material on rounding the corners
  Pair exercise
  HW assignment
Class 26.1: Editing Solids in AutoCAD
  RAT - quiz
  Lecture material on slicing solids in AutoCAD
  Steps to create a sectioned solid
  Team exercise
  Think-Pair-Share exercise

Why is Solid Modeling Important?

AutoCAD is an important tool for 3D Solid Modeling because it allows the solid to be viewed from any angle, makes replication possible, and offers accurate illustrations of 3D models.

  • Class 21.1 Powerpoint
  • Class 21.2 Powerpoint
  • Class 26.1 Powerpoint

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