Share the Future IV

Using Interactive Simulation-based On-line Learning Tools in Engineering Education
Yakov E. Cherner

PowerPoint presentation

Educational research has shown that students are better at learning concepts if they have experience with concrete phenomena that are being studied and if they are aware of the potential applications and usefulness of the knowledge they are acquiring. This workshop will present an innovative problem-based instructional methodology and interactive simulation-based on-line learning system, Active Learning Suite (ALSuite). ALSuite uses real-life processes and objectssuch as those related to plumbing and HVAC/R systems and telecommunicationsas the content for science, engineering, and technology education and corporate training. ALSuite is designed for learning by doing. It includes simulations, virtual experiments, interactive lessons, problem-solving tutor, scriptable and animated instructor's assistant, ancillary tools, and more. State-of-the-art graphical interfaces and realistic models provide an "insight" view of the process and allow students to imitate authentic tasks that are similar to or identical with those tasks they are required (or will require) to do in their workplaces.

The current version of ALSuite includes the following modules:


Golf mechanics

Fluid mechanics

Fiber optics

Telephony (both wireline and wireless)

Fundamentals of wireless communications

ALSuite software can be run from

Web site over the Internet

Server via a local school or corporate network

CD or hard drive of a stand-alone computer

ALSuite was developed with a partial support from the National Science Foundation


  1. Present an innovative problem-based instructional methodology and tools.
  2. Demonstrate how to use the interactive simulation-based tools to motivate students and engage them in the learning process before exploring science and technical principles and concepts.
  3. Instruct attendees in how to assemble a technology-reach e-learning environment for active learning and in how to integrate it with existing curriculum materials.

Workshop attendees will receive a demo CD that provides an overview of ALSuite materials and some of the interactive lessons that have been developed.


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