Share the Future IV

Entrepreneurship Activities for Engineering Students and Faculty Members
David F. Barbe

Constructing Rubrics for Open-ended Activities
Rita Caso, Susan Haag, and Ann Kenimer

Using Interactive Simulation-based On-line Learning Tools in Engineering Education
Yakov E. Cherner

Technology in the Large Classroom
David Cordes

Academic Misconduct in Higher Education Today
David Cordes

Survive This!  Reality-based Learning
Don Falkenburg, Marie Lee, and Diane Schuch-Miller

Designing a Support System for Research on Engineering Education
Norman Fortenberry

How Do People Learn?
Jeff Froyd

How Do People Learn to Learn?
Jeff Froyd

Multiple Vantage Points for Employment-related Feedback
J. Joseph Hoey and Jack Marr

Developing a Philosophy of Practicea New Approach to Curricular Evolution in Engineering Education
Jay K. Martin, John W. Mitchell, and Dayle Haglund

TQMIt Works in the Classroom! or Continuous Improvement in a Collaborative Classroom
Don Maxwell, Debra Fowler, and Jim Morgan

Building a First-year Engineering Program
John A. Merrill, Richard J. Freuler, and John T. Demel

Time for a Renaissance in Engineering Education
Dan Moore and Dave Voltmer

Planning Engineering Education Research
Matthew W. Ohland

Teaching EC 2000 Skills:  Integrating Student Outcomes ak into Engineering Courses
Russ Pimmel

Writing More Effective Engineering Education Proposals
Russ Pimmel and Ibrahim H. Nisanci

Career Development for New Faculty
Geoffrey Prentice and Tim Anderson

Bringing Real-world Issues into Engineering Classrooms:  A Multimedia Case Study Approach
P. K. Raju and Chetan S. Sankar

A Unified Approach to Engineering Science Education
Donald E. Richards

Outcomes Assesssment Using Capstone Experiences
Joseph A. Shaeiwitz

Integrating Engineering Design Courses with Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Mathematics
Devdas Shetty and H. Alnajjar

Designing Cooperative Learning Applications
Karl A. Smith

Difficult Concepts in Science and Engineering:  Identifying, Assessing, and Helping Students Learn Them
Ruth A. Streveler, Mary Nelson, Barbara M. Olds, and Ronald L. Miller

Selecting and Evaluating Digital Learning Materials for Engineering Education
Joseph G. Tront, Brandon Muramatsu, Jean-Pierre Bayard, and Flora McMartin

Isn't Engineering Education Already "Active"?
John C. Wise

More Writing But Less Grading:  Calibrated Peer Review
John C. Wise


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