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Career Development for New Faculty Workshop

Workshop Leaders:
Geoffrey Prentice, Program Director, Separation and Purification Proc., NSF
Tim Anderson, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

Workshop Objective:
New engineering faculty are required to make many choices that affect their academic career and personal life. This workshop is intended to encourage faculty to identify suitable career goals and specific objectives and begin to develop a plan for achieving them. The components of the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program will be used as a model for developing a plan. In addition, special attention will be devoted to establishing a funded research program. Critical issues will be discussed and advice from peers and senior faculty will be shared. Elements of the career plan will include
• Establishing a Research Program (obtaining funding, Career Award preparation, problem identification and selection, contacting funding sources, collaborations, network development)
• Managing Research (student project definition, group and individual meetings, student evaluation and feedback, placement and professional development, group continuity, teamwork, managing undergraduates and post docs, and safety)
• Understanding the University Environment (tenure and promotion, service activities, sabbaticals, entrepreneurship, reward structure, mentoring expectations)
• Balancing Your Life (dual careers, personal and family time)
• Developing as a Professional (role of consulting, professional service, peer groups)
• Managing Your Time (goal setting and priorities, stress reduction, good habits)

Workshop Plan:
The workshop will take place during one full day. Through group activities, sharing of experiences, and advice from experienced faculty different perspectives will be presented. Based on this input each attendee will develop an outline of their career goals along with specific objectives. It is thus intended that each faculty will have an outline of a career plan. Reading material will be sent to each attendee in advance of the workshop.

Mock NSF Panel Review:
The workshop will use part of the day to conduct a mock panel review using the NSF guidelines. Proposals will be drawn from ones previously submitted to the NSF and reviewed or ones ‘under development’ and provided by the workshop attendees.


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