Share the Future IV

Entrepreneurship Activities for Engineering Students and Faculty Members
David F. Barbe
University of Maryland

PowerPoint Presentation

This workshop is for faculty members and staff interested in developing programs that facilitate hands-on, practical learning by faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students. This workshop is about starting companies based on technology they develop through research, through knowledge they gain during their educational and work experiences, and through their innovative ideas and inventiveness. The three major areas around which the workshop will be organized are listed below, with relevant topics covered in each area.

Technology Entrepreneurship Culture Building
• Technology entrepreneurship courses
• Technology venture (entrepreneurship) clubs
• Comprehensive programs for undergraduates
• Technology start-up “boot camps”

Resources for Technology Entrepreneurs
• Business plan competitions
• Web resources
• Mentoring

Hands-on Venture Formation
• Venture accelerators
• Seed-stage funding
• Technology incubators

The workshop will combine discussions of these topics by the lecturer and interactions with attendees about tailoring programs to their specific schools and environments, as well as where to obtain further information and sources of program funding. At the end of the workshop, attendees should understand a wide range of engineering entrepreneurship activities, have a basic knowledge of how to get similar activities started at their institutions, and know where to find more in-depth information and support.

Learning Objectives
Participants in this workshop will
1. List several different entrepreneurial activities that are appropriate for engineering faculty members and students
2. List resources that exist at their institutions, or in the local business communities, that could be part of building an entrepreneurial culture at their institutions
3. Assess needs for entrepreneurial activities among faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students
4. Identify the activities most likely to be appropriate to their institutions
5. Articulate rationale for starting or augmenting entrepreneurial activities at their institutions.


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