Share the Future IV
Planning Engineering Education Research Workshop

Matthew W. Ohland, Clemson University, workshop facilitator

This workshop was sponsored by the SUCCEED Engineering Education Coalition under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. A primary source in the development of this workshop is The Evaluation and Assessment Primer, developed under SUCCEED sponsorship by Neff Walker, formerly of Georgia Tech.

Workshop Abstract
This workshop is for faculty that are working for positive change in engineering education who want to think more about how to plan, study, and report that change. This will be particularly useful for faculty that would like to study educational innovation with the same rigor they apply to their engineering research. Faculty will develop a model assessment plan in order to prepare them to develop a similar plan for their own research.

Workshop Agenda
4:00-4:05 Introduction
4:05-4:20 Defining the Purpose of the Evaluation (What questions are we asking?)
4:20-4:40 Clarify Project Objectives (What do we expect?)
4:40-5:00 Create a Model of Change (How will our efforts lead to the objectives?)
5:00-5:15 Select Criteria and Indicators (What data do we need to measure our progress?)
5:15-5:25 Identify Data Sources (Where will we get that data?)
5:25-5:45 Design Evaluation Research (How will we analyze that data?)
5:45-5:50 Monitor and Evaluate (What actually happened?)
Use and Report Results (Who needs to know?)
5:50-6:00 Wrap-up and evaluations


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