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Outcomes Assessment Using Capstone Experiences
Joseph A. Shaeiwitz
West Virginia University

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Capstone experiences can be a rich source of program assessment results. Capstone experiences are those in which students are expected to apply previously learned knowledge to help solve comprehensive design, laboratory, or research problems. Therefore, the capstone experience is a good location in the curriculum from which to obtain program assessment results. Using capstone experiences creates a feedback loop with a timescale between the longer-term alumni surveys and the shorter-term course assessments commonly used as assessment measures. Capstone experiences also provide a mechanism for assessment by faculty to complement self-assessment instruments such as surveys.

This workshop will be interactive and in the following format:

  • Suggestions for including most, if not all, required outcomes in a capstone experience
  • Exercise in which project assignments are created that include as many required outcomes as possible
  • Instruction on identification of desired attributes in capstone experiences
  • Group exercise on identification of attributes desired in capstone experiences previously developed to include most required outcomes
  • Instruction by the presenter on development of rubrics for assessing attributes of capstone projects.
  • Participants work in groups on creating sample rubrics to obtain assessment information from the capstone experiences previously developed
  • Discussion of simultaneous assessment and grading, using Primary Trait Analysis
  • Demonstration of how public presentations of the results of capstone projects can be used to obtain assessment results

Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will understand how to include all aspects of ABET Criterion 3ak in capstone experiences.
  2. Attendees will be able to identify desired attributes in capstone experiences and to develop rubrics to obtain assessment information from capstone experiences.
  3. Attendees will be able to develop and to use rubrics for simultaneous grading and outcomes assessment of capstone experiences.
  4. Attendees will understand how to use public presentations by students of capstone experiences to obtain assessment results.


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