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First-year Curriculum at Texas A&M University
Introduction Freshman curriculum for engineering students Holistic Model for Engineering Clusters Courses are now offered together in "clusters" for groups of 100
Student Performance Students in the new curriculum perform better on standardized tests. First-year Engineering Courses Paper
First Year      

Students Performance

When compared to equivalent students in traditional engineering programs, after one year, students in the new curiculum perform better on standardized tests.

Freshman Performance at Texas A&M Performance On Standardized Tests

Data compares percentage gain from pre- to post-tests for students in the Foundation Coalition curriculum relative to a matched comparison group of students in traditional first-year curricula. After one year, students in the FC curriculum show a larger percentage gain on four standardized tests. The Force Concept Inventory and Mechanics Baseline Test measure understanding of mechanics and were developed by Halloun and Hestenes at Arizona State University. Vic Willson, Texas A&M University, developed the Calculus Concept Test.


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