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First-year Curriculum at University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

First Year

Freshman curriculum for engineering students.
Freshman Year Experience

Designing for Long-term Effectiveness Designed to include features that would make it robust and would encourage its extension into engineering and science curricula

Student Performance Experience at other universities has indicated that scores are likely to improve

Other Features References for further Information


Does IMPULSE Work?

Considerable assessment and evaluation has already been done on the IMPULSE program but measurements are being made on a continuing basis using a variety of measurement devices. Our assessment results so far appear to be similar to those found in other integrated programs that have involved more students over several years. While our assessment data so far is very positive about the performance improvement produced by the IMPULSE program, it also indicates that opportunity exists for further improvement.

Experience at other universities has indicated that our scores will likely improve as our instructors become more adept with active learning methods. Early antidotal information points to improved retention and overall performance. With assessment providing insight into performance, a process of continuous improvement is starting to develop in the IMPULSE program that should move the program toward even better results.


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