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First-year Curriculum at University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

First Year

LINKS coordinates several programs aimed at improving the learning environment for first-year students.
Links Program Fall 2000



The LINK Programs Description

LINKS is a NSF-sponsored educational initiative run through the College of Engineering the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Funded directly through the NSF's Foundation Coalition, LINKS operates as an umbrella for a variety of programs, including:

Engineering sections

Coordinated (but unlinked) discussion sections of General Chemistry and Math (pre-calculus through integral calculus) filled with first-year engineering students only. This gives first-years an opportunity to make connections with their engineering peers as soon as day one of school.

College Fellows Program

A leadership opportunity for older undergraduate engineers to guide and mentor first-year students registered in the Engineering Sections. For information please see the cluster homepages.


A course on "Basic Communication" EPD 155 run through Engineering Professional Development is paired with an "technical content" course to provide students with technical topics to write about in EPD 155. Students may take EPD 155 linked to one of the following courses:

  • EPD 160 (a freshman design course),
  • EPD 101Introduction to Engineering, or
  • EPD 690 (a selection of small classes including research seminars addressing different engineering-related topics from engineering ethics to computer reliability).

The LINKS Programs can provide opportunities for over 400 students. The College Fellows Program and the Engineering sections are being piloted in Fall 2001. Six (6) College Fellows will be mentoring the Mathematics sections for Engineering for the 2001-02 academic year.

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