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First-year Curriculum at University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

First Year

LINKS coordinates several programs aimed at improving the learning environment for first-year students.
Links Program Fall 2000



T h e   L I N K S   P r o g r a m

Fall 2000

220 Students out of about 800 in the freshman program

Four Math (3 levels) & Chem (two levels) clusters 98 students and 8 TAs
Two Technical Communication & Ethics clusters 40 students and 2 professors
Two Technical Communication and four Research Seminar cluster 40 students and 4 professor
Two Technical Communication and four Introduction to Engineering Lab clusters 48 students, 4 professors, and 4 student assistants







About 60 students in two sophomore clusters: Physics/EM and Math (2 levels) clusters

LINKS Curriculum

Clusters currently considered for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Spring 2000

  • Second semester sophomore (220 students)
  • Three Chemistry (2 levels) and Math (2 levels) clusters
  • Four Physics and Math (2 levels) clusters
  • One Technical Communication and Introduction to Engineering cluster
  • One Physics and Computer Science cluster
  • LINKS coordinator works with TAs to help students
  • Learn to work in teams
  • Effectively use peers as resource



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